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Tighter rules raise proffessional standing of Industry

The new regulations for corporate service providers (CSPs) will help to combat money laundering and terrorist financing.


The Budget 2015 has included support and help for living cost of low income, middle income family and the elderly. The budget also provided health care subsidies, more support and help with child care education training and continuing education.

Possible ruling on itemised payslips within the next two years

A Ruling on itemised payslips could come within the next two years, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) declared on January 2014.


For a company to obtain COR , it must be tax resident in Singapore. To be a Singapore Tax Resident the company must exercise their control and Management in Singapore.

Credit Rating for PEI
Stricter Rules from Jan 2012 for Private Schools

FIS - Financial Investors Scheme FIS - Financial Investors Scheme under MAS

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